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Have you been sugared yet?

Benefits of Body Sugaring verses Waxing

Body Sugaring will:


-Eliminate ingrown hair

-Prevent new ingrown hair

-Extract all hair colors and textures

-Successfully treat all skin types and colors

-Improve the skin's tone and texture

-Treat various skin problems


Waxing can:


-Burn the skin

-Damage the dermal cells

-“Pit” the delicate facial skin cells

-Scar the follicle mouth and/or surrounding area

-Promote cross contamination

-Cause unnecessary discomfort

-Cause ingrown hairs

Sugar Hair Removal

Body Sugaring is a hair removal system with no added preservatives that works wonders on all skin types. Because of the method of application, one treatment will typically  last a few days to a week longer than would a traditional waxing. The benefits of sugaring include:


-No added preservatives or chemical additives


-Sugar paste does not stick to live skin cells, however does gently exfoliate the dead skin cells


-Generally, following the first treatment of sugaring, clients notice decreased hair growth, while improving the condition of their skin


-Sugar paste is 100% water soluble


-Sugar paste is applied at a lukewarm temperature, so there is no risk of burning the skin


-Sugar paste is never reused to eliminate cross-contamination